Supporting CASA

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CASA (Court Appointed Special Advocates) helps children transition out of foster care and into happy homes.

Last Thursday, August 3, a number of the women of the church worked on fleece blankets, cards, and blue ribbons for the CASA organization.  Rosemary also used money donated by the church and women to purchase school supplies, backpacks, diapers, pillows, pillow cases and other needed items for the group to have when children are taken from their homes and put in the foster care system.  This organization provides so much for those children who are the most at risk in our world today.  Some of the items had already been given out between last week and today when the photo was taken.  Even the beautiful birthday and greeting cards created by the women have already been used.  The dog, Inya, is the therapy dog for the children and even goes to court with them!  Rosemary and Inya have become special friends through this work we have done over the years.  Just had to brag a little on the women’s day of mission helping children in Titus, Camp, and Morris Counties.