Your First Visit

When you visit First Presbyterian Church of Mount PLeasant our hope is that you would feel as comfortable as you might with those longtime friends who know, love and accept us exactly as we are, exactly where we are...regardless of the length of time since our last meeting.   So, whether you feel like celebrating, or feel like crying, or perhaps just feel a bit lonely and in need of someone to talk with, come join us this Sunday morning!   The spirit of God is certain to be in attendance as well as some of the greatest hospitality East Texas has to offer.   We are indeed a blessed people here at FPCMP and we long to share God's message of grace and acceptance with you.

What should I wear?

First Presbyterian invites you to come as you are.   You may see variety in styles of dress in our worship service.   Some believe that wearing your "Sunday best" is a reflecton of the importance of worship in their lives, so you may see them in suits or nice dresses.   Others prefer a business casual approach to dressing for worship.   Still others wear blue jeans or even shorts in the summer.   So the best answer to "What should I should wear?" is to come in the manner in which you feel most comfortable, with the knowledge that each person comes to church with a different mindset. God know's our hearts and meets us where we are....

What about kids?

Our staff and volunteers are highly engaged in providing for the safety and wellbeing of your children.   We have two church staff nursery workers and a group of dedicated volunteers who provide support.   In addition, we have a children's choir directed by Barbara Caldwell.   Add to that our tireless and committed Sunday school teachers, and the future generations of FPCMP are assured a solid spiritual foundation on which to grow.

how do i join the church?

There are several options for becoming a member of First Presbyterian Church: Baptism, transfer of membership from another congregation, or by profession of faith.   We affirm and acknoledge all Christian baptisms, regardless of previous denominational affiliation.   Our Pastor invites all inquiries and is eager to welcome you to our church family.